Designer Labels: Girl’s Dream


Fashion is an art, and clothes designed by Dior or Emilio Pucci are works of art. They are meant to be looked at, admired, and copied.


For years I didn’t understand but now  I truly get it. Many people who don’t believe in buying designer brands say that you are only paying for the brand name. While you are paying in part for the “privilege” to wear the brand’s name, you are also probably purchasing a product that is high quality. For example, buying designer denim because it fits better and lasts longer than the jeans. Designer clothes are usually made from finer fabrics and have superior stitching compared to those of bargain stores.

My question is why do you buy designer labels?


Coat: Primark

Bag : New Look

Skirt: H&M

Jeans: Primark

Location: Manchester, UK




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