Ditching A Grandma Look

Do you feel like you are adopting an older style lately?

I definitely feel I  have been rocking an older style without even realising it. I call it the grandma style.  I found myself wearing drippy clothes in dark dull colours and looking twice my age. There was a day someone called me Aunty. I was mortified to hear those words. I am not that old I said to myself. The more I heard ridiculous mentions of an older style, the more I was so convinced to turn things around. It wasn’t that I did it intentionally but you know when you work up early in the morning you pick what so ever in your closet and don’t even bother with make –up. Whether it’s a long jacket with flared trousers and some boots. We all get in those times where you are just don’t care about the outlook, you are ready to go.  I decided to investigate further the reasons why and also took a picture morning to see what I looked like before I left.

After 2 weeks, I have enough evidence to back up my grandma look.  To be honest with you, I am so eager to ditch some looks and start looking my age. Here are my top ten tips to help you get rid of that grandma look. They have been tried and test. You are guaranteed to get inspiration and get rid of that grandma look.

1.       Get a clothes rail.Whether you make one or you buy one from Amazon, get your hands on that clothes rail. It will change your life. I bought one from Argos recently for less than $20. It was a heavy, metal white rail from Habitat. It was so easy to set up.  You might wonder why a clothes rail. It will help you spot your unworn clothes, some priceless fashion items and trend ones. In the morning you are just ready to pick up your looks form the rail without struggling. It is a form of inspiration.

2.       Go through your clothes.

Make a list of your clothes items or just create a pile. Try them on to see if you still fit some or they are just a waste of space.

3.       Spring Clean- Let go people. Let go. When did you buy that old raggedy leather jacket? Come on now. Let go. Spring cleaning will help you to ditch that grandma look. Some clothes are so old and just taking the space in your wardrobe. Keep things you can wear with many things. Every year, I do a spring clean.

There was a times I BINNED MY WHOLE WARDROBE. It was that serious.

4.       Switch that Coat with something colourful.

Do you have a dark coloured coat like I used? I can tell you my looks changed tremendously after ditching my coat. I switched my coat one day with red leather jacket and everything changed. The jacket brought colour to my boring black jeggings. It just one item I changed nothing else. Trust me it works.  

5.        Change your hairstyle for a month. I had to get a shorter hairstyle. It really helps to see you in something different. Maybe the new cut brings out your features.

6.       Add colour in your looks. Try a yellow top perhaps a blouse with patterns on it. You never know the importance of colour unless you have tried it. I have noticed that its like a trend to wear a black coat, black skirts or trousers and black. Even a black scarf. Are you going to a funeral? Probably not. Ditch the dark dull colours for once.

7.       Wear clothes that complement you. Ditch some flared trousers for some skinny jeans. Wear a skirt. Try a dress perhaps. When you wear clothes that complement you, you really show your age. Perhaps you are tired of being called old, aunty and so on. Try wearing things what show your features in a simple, appropriate manner.

8.       Go on sales. Maybe you don’t want to buy expensive slouchy tops or whites, why don’t you consider looking for bargains, sales for that particular item you need. I do it all the time. I love sales. I always on a lookout for sales 50%, 70%. My favourite.

9.       Make an effort to look for inspiration.  I understand it can be real hard to pair items together. Borrow magazine from a friend. Go on Pinterests, or LookBook. You might find some inspirations in helping you pair that dress top you bought from New Look the other day.

10.   Just make the effort. Perhaps you wondering why that promotion isn’t coming at work or no one has approached you for date. Steve Harvey said in his best-selling book

“NO CHASER, STRAIGHT TALK”  “Presentation is key!  Someone out there is watching you.”

I hope these ten tips will help you ditch that old style. Remember that presentation is key. It doesn’t cost that much to look your age.



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