Style Her Look for Less

I couldn’t wait to share with you this blog post about styling her look for less. Growing up I always had an icon whose fashion style I adored. I looked  at how put together their looks were. You can agree with me that some celebrities buy expensive items which will take some of us years to finally purchase. Some of their items cost fortunes. Though they have the money and all, I figured a way to wear some look-a-like items which can be styled for less. I picked most items from affordable go to brands such as Primark, New Look and HM . My top 2 icons are as follows

  1. Victoria Beckham- My goodness, she is real fashion. I love her chic, simplicity look you always catch her in. She knows how to pair items together without looking bougie. Her shoes, bag and less jewellery is my favourite approach whenever I planning to pair an outfit.. Here is how I styled her look for less.
  2. Kate Middleton- My one and only modest icon. The style icon is known for her sensible yet classic taste in clothes, which changes regularly, but there is one thing that remains the same with her accessories. Whether she plans her outfits or not, I just love how she present her self in the public. I could wear all her outfits  She understands class, modest and modern trends. Whether it is a dress, a skirt or costume, she delivers fashion wise. What an style icon she is to us.
  • Outfit Info
  • Green Dress : Primark
  • Clutch : Love Forever
  • Pumps : New Look
  • DSC05570.JPG
  • Outfit 2
  • Pleated Skirt: HM
  • Top : HM
  • Platform Heels : New Look



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