Fur Point in Scarborough

I love day trips; they are so much fun especially when you travelling with close friends and family. On my New Resolutions 2017, I made one for touring around the cities and towns in the United Kingdom. Having lived here for about 8 and half years, I felt like it was time I got to know my home more. There is so much history, culture, architecture, sightseeing places to visit and so much more to learn about. My travelling journey began in 2016 when I visited London, Newcastle, and more. This year I have already been to Nottingham, York and Jarrow.


 This weekend, I woke up debating to the North Yorkshire as it was raining the day before. In the end, I found myself on a double deck bus on my way to the city of Scarborough situated in the North Yorkshire and an hour away from the Famous Whitby.

For trips like this I love to keep a simple look that is comfy and warm for the unpredictable British Weather. I wore my fur coat which I got many years ago pairing it with my boots from Just Fab. As you know me, I also added a dress top from my favourite brand HM with some jeggings from Primark. I really wanted to keep a simple comfy look for the long day ahead.

My day in Scarborough was really exciting. There was so much to sight –see. I went to the sea front located in the centre of the city. Also, took a long 2 hour walk up the Famous Castle getting aerial views of Scarborough. Not to forget a dab fail picture moment on Ronan Museum and coffee bars with a secret admirer peeping through windows just to wave at me. Overall, the day was just beautiful, it is a place I would live to visit again in the summer times to get my feet in those waters.

If you visit Scarborough in the near future be sure to visits this tops 5 places I enjoyed. You will also get amazing photos to add to your travel diary. Visit in summer times you will get amazing photos and lovely experience than in raining days.

Castle:Scarborough Castle
Museum: Rotunda Museum
Grand Hotel
Sea Front

Outfit Details
Dress Top: HM
Knee Boots: JustFab
Jeggings: Primark
Choker: Wish. Com


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