Chapter 22 

Chapter 22 

What a lovely morning it is today the 8th of March. Finally 22 years old, I couldn’t wait to see this day. When I look back the past years I find that life throws so much your way. You just need to pick yourself dust off and keep moving. The past becomes a rear view and you don’t want to be to focused on it. 

I am looking forward to maturing to be the woman I desired to be when I was younger. The childhood and teenager years flew like crazy. I just remember dreaming and fantasing about today. It’s finally here. 

So let’s toast to it and look forward to chapter 22. Each day I will wake up shall be blessed and great. I will stand for myself and strive for greatness. 

To all the women out there, strive for joy, peace, greatness and remember this chapter will get closed soon.

 Make use of it wisely. 

Happy International Women’s Day

Dress : BHS 

Pearls: Enah’s Jewellery 

Ring: Primania 


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