Arabic Sensation

Hi bloggers, it has been a while I have posted. A busy woman eyy.

Today, I was invited to the taste of Arabic and Lebanese Food.


Upon my arrival, I met the owners wife who had a lovely cheerful personality. Offered me a cup of mint tea, gosh that felt special.


She was so kind and checked on my table every time. A cheerful lady with more than 20years of Hospitality. We chatted about food, love of travel and nature of business in Middlesbrough.


I asked her what to eat as a first timer in the Arabic food. She suggested the Arabic pizza made from only thyme which makes you clever,  no tomatoes but garlic and other herbs. I think I am not buying dominos anymore.

My food today:

Lebanese Salad
Menshii (Arabic Pizza)


I wish I could remember the names of the food. It was such a wonderful experience
The place was so homely. I just feel inlove.


I felt like I was in a carriage. Almost reminding me about the book I was reading last night “The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho”.


My experience at the Arabic restaurant was amazing. I couldnt fault it.





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