Oh Wedding Time !

On the 3rd of October 2015, I attended a family wedding at Colwick Hall Hotel in Nottingham. The weather was so beautiful for such a special day. I must admit I love wedding as they bring love, joy and happiness to families joining together. I pray to get married soon and have a wedding that is just filled with so much love.



SAM_3047 Wedding are always filled with emotions and this one for sure got me tearing.My favourite moment was the salt ceremony where the bride and groom pour their individual bowl of salt in to one big bowl. It symbolizes the start of their new lives together as one. Everything they do will be to act as one as a couple. It was surely amazing to watch.

Ohh not to forget the delicious buffet with different foods from the African Continent. I surely enjoyed the food lol. The bridal team were great entertainers to watch I tell you. They showcased their talents on the dance floor. I surely learned some moves from them




This was a wedding I couldn’t fault. It was just pleasant to just be at. I cant wait to be at my wedding ha ha

Outfit Details

Blazer : H&M

Dress: New Look

Pumps: New Look

Watch : New Look

Earrings : Debenhams

Clutch Bag: Love Forever

Photo Credits : K.Generation Productions

Thanks to Pasirayi and Ndoro Family

Location: Colwick Hall Hotel  Nottingham UK


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