Zimbabwean International Women Awards 2015

Words  couldn’t express the overwhelming award ceremony in the City of Birmingham on the 3rd of October 2015. I was really humbled when I received the email stating I was nominated as Blogger of The Year. It is so surreal to even think about it. I didn’t get the award but I am proud of being Ruvarenyika re Zimbabwe.


The ladies I met and sat with at Table 19 were just amazing. They inspired me so much that I know I have a greater task ahead of me. Super proud to still be representing my country Zimbabwe even overseas. I was so touched when one of the winner (in yelow dress) Musi Trust praised and said to me ” My daughter has role models like you now, keep doing what you are doing, You are an inspiration to me”. Those words are just powerful.


It was surely a night to remember and a door that is leading me to greater mighty things.


Dress: BHS (Wedding Collection)

Shoes: Giselle

Diamond Necklace and Earrings : Love Forever Boutique

Clutch Bag: Love Forever Boutique

Accessory Ring : Primark


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