Remarkable LIVE Window Display & Exhibition

What a successful Live Window Display that I was invited to be blogging about.


On the 11th of September 2015, Cotilda Makhumula had a successful Live Window Display which was showcasing the Spring/Summer 2016 collection of the bespoke, limited edition clothing line ‘Cotilda’s Fashion’. The display  also featured a collaboration piece with textile designer Nicola Flint and other recycled garments from Cotilda’s ‘Fashionably Green’ collection for Junk to Funk, using materials such as reclaimed plastic and wood.

Her words really brought hope for the rise of up coming fashion designers of our times. Cotilda states ‘’I am looking forward to presenting the work. Although the window display is a small set up I want people start identifying Cotilda’s Fashion as suitable for both the African and European market while it still getting established. This is the reason for the Intertwined collection, the bringing together of culture through fabric combination.

She also did a private exhibition for her end  Master Degree in Future designs.




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Simply Stylishly Modesty

Cotildas Fashion


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