Shopping in Primark

We love popping in Primark to get some good bargains. Their Prices are just affordable for people like us who love to spend less.

Today, I was in Primark to get some stuff. As I walked in, my attention got grabbed by these two fashion ideas. For some reason, I always had the longer pants in purple but never actually worn them until I saw this idea.


I love how it got paired up with the white long blazer. I would add more colour ofcourse.


I was then drawn to the skirt which was a good bargain just for £10 only. It is a simple skirt that can be worn and paired up with many chic jackets. The material was viscose suprisingly.

Summer is also around the corner. I love this bikini. Im definately buying this. On point I must say.


Primark haul is just great, bloggers. Just to let you know, we have a youtube chanel. I cant wait to show you what we are working on.

Have a lovely week, fashionista.

P.S Visit Primark for some good deals


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