Shoe Heaven

“A woman with good shoes is never ugly”.

This quote says it all. It is true good shoes are the foundation of a stunning outfit here at Simply Stylishly Modesty. We love shoes, it’s is no secret. But, our question today is what kind of shoes does a woman need in her shoe closet?

Kudzai Pasirayi aged 20, the owner of this blog has achieved dream to own her shoe heaven (closet) . A size 7/UK on that matter


What tips can you get from her shoe heaven?

1.Wedge Sandal

A wedge sandal is a safety net for all those summery gatherings. It’s a sandal, yes, but the addition of height instantly grows it up. This shoe is great with jeans and dresses.

SAM_2400 SAM_2405

2. Booties

Rain, hail or snow, boots are made to sustain erratic weather conditions so it is best ditch the stilettos and settle for flatter heels. Style boots with pencil skirts, well fitted trousers or your classic pair of jeans.

SAM_2415 SAM_2410

Sneakers will never let you down. Whether it is hitting the gym or walking the dog, a girl cannot do without a pair of these bad boys. Comfort should come before the style when buying sneakers.


5. Sexy Stiletto/ Heels
There’s no excuse for not having some variation of this shoe in your wardrobe. 3” heel? Feminine. Round toe? Classic. Black? Always useful. There’s no limit to what you can wear with your favourite heels.

SAM_2406 SAM_2417

Dream Shoe Heaven can be achieved Ladies



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