What Is ‘Ladylike’?

The Ragamuffin

If I have terrible table manners but am always polite without fail, put off washing my hair but keep my hands clean, am I a lady? What makes a lady? Originality and grace goes a long way but biker boots and slobby jumpers don’t compare to Grace Kelly in High Society. Manners and wit can cancel out most transgressions but eventually can escalate into what some may call ‘spikeyness’, so approachability and openness balances this yes? Or do they? A ladylike composure may not be the same thing as being overly perky all your waking hours, I’m grumpy at the best of times and tetchy the rest so that cancels me out.

So this is my new philosophy on this topic (subject to revision on new evidence), a ladylike demeanor is having self awareness enough to recognise and treat people on their individual merits while being polite and respectful in general and holding…

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