Cotilda`s Fashion

Cotilda is a local fashion designer/ maker currently studying her Masters in Future Design at Teeside University. She is the founder of Cotilda`s Fashion. One of our favourite collection was The Dream Big T shirt Collection. Inspired by the 1979, 2Tone Music Label which had a black and white theme, Cotilda really brought it back to be a memorable trend.

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Cotilda Makhumula is currently working on establishing her Bespoke and Ready-to-wear markets which is a unisex clothing label.The main aim of Cotilda`s Fashion Label is to encourage cultural integration through use of African and European Fabrics. Customers can get limited edition of “The Dream Big” tops which are ideal  for summer.

You can follow Cotilda on Facebook, Instagram and Google+

Cotilda`s Fashion

Visit Cotilda`s Fashion on!cotildas-fashion-store/c7f3


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